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E-mail dead? Not while my colleagues struggle even with that.
Just coming onto the musical rader: Star Sailor are everywhere.
The smell of preservative in a shed was very tempting...
Pick Your Own. Can't beat it for cheap fresh fruit.
Gary Numan is on Top of the Pops tonight. Recommended.
Several times a day I wonder if I'm too self-analytical.
Forgetting film plots means every time is the first time.
Internet radio isn't banned on holidays, so it's Blue Room.
No Bank Holiday for me. While the users are away...
Ten words per day... except during holidays. Is that OK?
Postal votes are boring, democracy should be mysterious and arcane.
Internet radio to my hi-fi, now I want it everywhere.
Make someone's day: try refreshing this page a few times.
Look for patterns in signs. Pay attention to your neighbours.
More is different. Ignorance is useful. Encourage random encounters. Emergence.
"Chocolate" contains an initial blend our five year old says.
Motherhood is a service industry, in the short-term at least.
Never want to watch bad programs twice, nor great ones.
Five days of sunshine forecast: get that diurnal rhythm going.
Ego trip: another letter in IT week, not online though.
Now vegetables aren't seasonal, at least hot cross buns are.
Favourite TV program at the moment: Grand Designs - Channel 4.
Think of ten things to be glad about every day.
Why does no-one steal railway magaines from hospital waiting rooms?
Morning and evenings getting lighter. Spring can't come soon enough.
Love watching cable modem lights - I'm connected to the world.
London Congestion Charge opinion: nice stick, now buy some carrots.
Rats. I broke my Rule One: "Never blog about blogging".
I'm writing for Google now! What will change I wonder?
Some Internet Gods meet up. I wish I was there.
I could be a journalist. What could I report though?
Economics is a pyschology subdiscipline, so what's cutting interest rates?
Wild Thornberrys. The coolest kid's cartoon is now a film.
Doing subreports in Crystal Reports. Don't knock it - it's fun!
I want a Tablet PC. I can't afford one though.
Snow! How long before I tire of it I wonder?
It's easy to do things better, hard to want to.
Graffiti: "If you're on the run Paula, Smith knows." Worrying.
There are so many people out there. I hadn't realised.
I saw a domestic rabbit on the loose. No chance.
Does TV always stifle imagination whilst books always encourage it?
I'm reading last week's paper. Am I studying Modern History?
Melted frost leaves the heaviest dew you have ever seen.
Funny how tube stations are as long as the trains.
On a course in London. Two hours each way. Boring.
Two Mrs Goggins. A child's idea of having it all.
Ten words per day. Better a little frequently than none.