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Looking through my twitter archives

I've downloaded my twitter archives. If you want to do it yourself go to your profile page and see if it mentions how to do that. They are gradually rolling out, so if you can't at the moment, try in a few days. I started using twitter in July 2006 when it was called twttr. My first tweet was one of the first ten thousand. It wasn't very profound. Test — Paul Morriss (@paulmorriss) July 14, 2006  My next tweet was in October 2007. Twitter asked me a question, I can't remember what and I responded: working, what else? — Paul Morriss (@paulmorriss) October 30, 2007 Then in November I tweeted daily for a while. Here are some highlights: shining my shoes — Paul Morriss (@paulmorriss) November 1, 2007 batting emails back and forth about Catalyst and XSLT. — Paul Morriss (@paulmorriss) November 5, 2007 I tried haiku: Watching kids football/our team losing by several/nice to be out though — Paul Morriss (@paulmorriss) November 10, 2007 Walking to the