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"...and a little more!"

"...and a little more!" Originally uploaded by paulmorriss This is the "mayor making" ceremony. The outgoing mayor and all his officials are weighed and their weights compared to how much they weighed a year ago. The town crier shouts out their name and "and no more" or "and a little more" if they've put on weight. If they have it's because they've taken advantage of their office and they are booed. My 11 year old son saw this ceremony and remarked the other day, "This fuss about the MPs expenses is the same thing isn't it?". Very astute.

Brian Eno on ambient music and PCs

A couple of quotes from an episode of the Museum of Curiosities on Radio 4 from Brian Eno. In response to the question, "Did you invent ambient music, is that your term?", he said: "Yes. Now it's a category in record shops, full of records I don't like." He also composed the Windows 95 startup sound, on a Mac. "I've never used a PC in my life, I don't like them."

Analogue cheese flavour?

Analogue cheese flavour? Originally uploaded by paulmorriss Is it any different to digital cheese flavour?