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Why Terry Pratchett is so great

 I saw this tweet from Rhianna Pratchett (Terry's daughter) today: Okay do I go and introduce myself to the lady on the train who was talking very enthusiastically about my dad and his work? — Rhianna Pratchett 🧙🏻‍♀️ (@rhipratchett) January 17, 2024 It made me think what Terry Pratchett did so well in his writing. The thing I remember from my early days of reading his books was a scene where someone was sweeping a stable. They were working out that by the time they'd done this bit here and that bit there they were almost halfway, by which point the worst was over. I've done that same thing myself. For someone who writes about trolls and goblins his depiction of humanity is the best I've seen from any writer. When it comes to those non-human characters, there's something so right about how they're depicted. I've never seen a troll talk to a goblin but those conversations they have are just how I think they would be. His plots are also watertight and the Di