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How I'd do the BBC Digital Revolution programme

The BBC are making a programme called Digital Revolution digital revolution is a four part series for BBC Two about how the web is changing the world They are making it in public view, showing rushes as they put the film together, asking questions about content on their blog and getting ideas on the final title (as Digital Revolution is a working title) on the blog and twitter. The questions asked by each of the episodes are: Are all web users created equal? Can the nation state survive the web? How much are you giving away for free? How is the web affecting our brains? I had my chance to give input earlier in the process, so it's a bit late now, but if I were making a series about how the web is changing the world it would be a bit like this: Look at eBay - it gives us a way to sell our stuff instead of chucking it away and people run small business from our home. Look at FriendsReunited and Facebook - we're getting in touch with people we used to know more easily and remaking