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Robin of Sherwood from the 1980s - how does it hold up?

 I've written about how I could get lost in the legend of Robin Hood before. I thought I never see the TV series Robin of Sherwood again, but it's popped up on ITV. So how does it hold up? Would I be as traumatised as I was when I saw Blake's 7 as an adult and ruined my childhood? I saw one episode and in fact it holds up pretty well. The pacing is a bit slow, but that's just the way TV was then. The theme music is fantastic - lovely synths and chorused singing. A young Ray Winston stands out as Will Scarlet, because he's probably the most famous of them all these days. I haven't seen any other episodes, and I probably won't, because there's so much other stuff to watch. They'll stay on the Tivo for a while though, in case I change my mind...