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Showing posts from July, 2005
Virtual Earth is up, but I can't find London as I'm zooming in. Is there something I should know?
I've got a £5 Amazon voucher burning a hole in my Inbox, so do I get Dark Side of the Moon, or Wish You Were Here?
The problem: living in Thames Valley, as I do, we get London radio stations. The reception isn't brilliant though, because we're not their target audience. This is frustrating when trying to tune the bedside radio to London based stations. The solution(s): I looked into DAB digital radio, and the London stations aren't available here, fair enough. I thought about internet radio, using a wireless router providing a wireless connection to a portable device, such as a Palm, with a speaker socket and portable speakers. (I've seen a internet radio gadget on TV, but can't find it on the internet). The trouble is internet radio bandwidth is quite low. In the end I got a piece of blutac and stuck the bedside radio arial (a piece of wire) to the wall. The reception improved. Sometimes you've got to pick the appropriate technology.