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My new favourite website -

A while back I was looking for a website to park the list of ISBNs I'd got from the Bucks County Council website ; the list being the books I'd borrowed over the previous couple of years. (It wasn't easy to get that list, however with a bit of screen scraping I managed.) The websites I found seemed to be orientated towards keeping lists of books you owned, whereas I wanted to concentrate on books I'd borrowed from the library. The other day I came across (linked from the Council's website in fact) where I could upload that list of ISBNs and it would look them up and pull out the cover picture and other information. One thing it wouldn't upload is the date I read them, so I've just finished filling that in for over 100 books. I love this site. It seems that everywhere you look you can find new things - you can how many other people have got/read your books, you can see ratings, reviews, see who likes similar authors to you etc. etc.

I won a Digital Emmy! (update: and a Bafta)

For the programme Virtual Revolution . I couldn't have done it without a team of people. Seriously, I couldn't have, as I actually didn't do very much. However they could have done it without me. As the programme was put together in public on the Digital Revolution (working title) blog I made some comments, so I consider myself as having been involved in it. Other posts on the programme: How I'd do the BBC Digital Revolution programme My 1.5 seconds of fame Update: We won a Bafta too. I discovered that you can see all my contributions.