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Showing posts from March, 2005
Exploring Flickr is like opening a box of jewels and finding that they are actually fake plastic. Nonetheless they are very pretty and you could spend ages looking at them. That's enough extended analogy for today.
I heard a Beatle's track for the first time the other day. I can't remember what it was called. Strange feeling so long after they were around.
Kathy Oh yes, so true, I agree, right on, etc. but... when my email program is crawling, and taking 30 seconds to open a document I'll switch my gaze to my second monitor where my favourite blogs are displayed, like this one. Is that so bad? Is there something better I could do in those 30 seconds?
A joke from The Culture Show : Comic Sans goes into a bar. The barman says, "We don't serve your type around here". They asked people for their favourite fonts. Someone, whose name escapes me, said they didn't like Comic Sans. I do, I must be a pleb then.
Cooooooooooooooooooooooool. Sorry, about that. Not very British. A bit overblown. Jokes don't tend to make it into trailers, apart from the visual ones, so I'll just have to go and see it to save you the bother. Now to find the UK release date... simultaneous with the US. That's what I like. Can't wait.
I'm reading Salmon of Doubt , and, like the Dark Materials trilogy, I'm sad that it's the last time I shall read this for the first time. Coincidentally I've heard that the trailers for the Hitchikers movie are out, but I'm not watching them until I've written this. I think the film could go three ways: 1. straight adaptation of the TV series to the screen (unlikely) 2. overblown epic movie completely missing the point and the humour of the original 3. sensitive translation to the film format with some new jokes in keeping with DNA's (as we fans like to call him) style. Now it's time to look at the trailers - talk amongst yourselves.
Sarah commented about whether blogging is for all businesses better than me. The reply is almost convincing. Show me where it works though.
Shel: I've been chewing over for a couple of days what's bugging me about this whole idea. I think it's this: will all companies benefit? Will hardware stores and supermarkets really benefit? I work for a charity. Our supporters are mainly over 50. I know there are a lot of silver surfers, but there are a lot of people who aren't. Will a blog reach them? If you don't think all companies will benefit, please say which will.
Robert I've just worked out that it's not arriving on the 3rd Twentyoneber but the 23 March. Can you get the project team to make the date a bit more international? We have the internet in the UK now you know :-)
The "worlds" coolest products? The iTrip is not legal here in the UK because of the radio frequency laws here. Think global please.
Dare, I have Lotus Notes 6 which has similar integration with Sametime, it's IM/videoconferencing etc. software. Do you know for sure that MS brought out this feature before IBM?
Thought: can my email program notice which emails I open first when facing a list of unread ones, and then in future bring those sorts of emails to the fore?