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Two songs with a voice blending into an instrument

When I was a teenager I heard a song where a sung note seamlessly blended into a saxophone, and then into a saxophone solo. That was The Gunner's Dream by Pink Floyd on album The Final Cut. Around the same time I heard another song that did a similar thing, into a violin, but I didn't remember what it was. Recently I heard that second song again on Pick of the Pops on Radio 2, and thanks to the magic of Shazam I was able to identify it as Music by John Miles. If you just want to hear that blend, go to 2:40. The Gunner's Dream was my favourite Pink Floyd song for a while, I would play it over and over again and picture what the video would look like. Until I'd found that video to embed it above I'd never seen the actual video. It's different to my headvideo. Today I've just come across Roger Water's Lockdown Sessions version of it. I won't comment on on his recent remarks in interviews, but this is an interesting version, with no saxophone solo, but

ELO's Time album - with AI pictures

 I've written previously about ELO's Time album in Desert Island Disks II . When it came out in 1981 it sounded so futuristic. Now it sounds retro-futuristic. As I listen to it, it evokes pictures in my mind. Rather than try and get them out on paper I turned to Dall-E to see what it came up with given some prompts from the lyrics . I couldn't get suitable pictures for all tracks. Prologue a man walking down a large hall with the end wall looking out into stars in a retro-futuristic style Twilight a man standing in a desert as the sun goes down with a woman with wings flying down to see him retro-futuristic style   Ticket to the moon a man on a spacestation looking out of the window at a rocket retro futuristic style The way life's meant to be a man standing in the middle of the road while other people walk around him retro futuristic style Rain is falling a town square full of adults and children sheltering from a thunderstorm in a retrofuturistic style Here is the ne