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Nearly 9 years with Flickr

This is a sort of "draft public" post. Also, it's about Flickr, so maybe it should be on my techie blog. Oh well. Fact - Dan Catt is giving up on Flickr Fact - I will have been on flickr for nine years in November Fact - If I type fl in my browser bar then Chrome thinks I want to go to a parking company Fact - I uploaded a load of pictures to my photostream  at the weekend Fact - I have 1000 public photos Fact - I just looked at my stats page (which I haven't for months) and the daily views are around 60-100 which is more than they have ever been. Fact - two people I know have added me as contacts on the last week which hasn't happened for months or years.  I'm not giving up on flickr, but it is just somewhere I don't go to very often.