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Showing posts from February, 2006
I have just completed " Prey " by Michael Crichton. It's like Jurassic Park with the technology-out-of-control theme, but this time it's nanotechnology. It compares with Digital Fortress by Dan Brown, but the former comes off better. I found Digital Fortress quite a good page-turner, but the science, cryptography mostly, wasn't very believable. I don't know much more than probably being able to stumblingly describe public/private key encryption, but what I read sounded too stupid to be close to present or future reality. "Prey" had the nanothings evolving very quickly, which I'm sure just couldn't happen, but if you concede that point then it's quite an exciting book. It would be good to make into a film, which is probably at the back of Mr Crichton's mind given the success of his dinosaur books.
When I was at school one of my favourite books from the school library was "Elements of Typography". I was strange like that. If you are too then listen to . tag: typography
This seems to be the year of reunions. One of the projects I worked on at Logica , before it because LogicaCMG, is going to have a reunion this year. Every year one of the ex-members sends out a newsletter as to what the members of the project are up to. There was a good atmosphere on the project, which must be why we want to keep in touch. Through Friends Reunited I've been asked to take part in a school reunion. And one of my dad's seconds cousins is trying to get together a load of people related to his great grandfather. I'm not sure which I'll end up going to...