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My 2019 Awards

A year or so ago I did my 2018 awards . As 2019 is over it's time for this year's awards, though you'll find all the categories are different. Best Orchestral Album of 80s tunes When I heard a track from  Trevor Horn 's Reimagines the Eighties  on Radio 2 I thought it was worth seeing if the other tracks were as good, and many of them were. The first track, Everyone wants to rule the world , sung by Robbie Williams, was released as a single, and doesn't depart too much from the original. The second track, Dancing in the dark , sung by Gabrielle Apin, is a slowed down version of the original. The leisurely tempo and string arrangement really enhances Bruce's words. Seal sings Ashes to Ashes and his powerful range manages to competently handle the melody that David Bowie wrote. Matt Cardle sings The Power of love . Yes, he's still around. There are other slowed down tracks: Slave to the Rhythm and Take on me , and they manage to not