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My 2021 awards

For the fourth time in a row, here are my annual awards. I've made a few changes with the categories compared to last year . Best newly discovered radio show I caught Covid, despite being fairly careful, and one thing I discovered during my 10 days isolation was this Radio 4 programme: Add to Playlist . Cerys Matthews and Jeffrey Boakye put together a playlist of 5 pieces of music each show, with a snippets of a few others too. Each one is related in some way to the one before - maybe in theme, or mood, or some other way. (The playlist hasn't got as long as The Chain  on BBC 6Music (8361 tracks and counting), it might take a while to do that.) The range of is music is pretty wide - from medieval to present day. So you need to be open to listening to new things, but if you are, then you'll probably be intrigued by what they choose. Best new Superman related TV series Heroes  spoiled pretty much all superhero films or TV series, but there are a couple of characters from my ch