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Moo stickers

Moo stickers Originally uploaded by paulmorriss I got these for free as it was an introductory offer. However I was thinking of buying some anyway. They look geat. Now I just have to think how to use them. You can order them at

Genesis concert

I went to the Genesis concert at Twickenham last night and it was fantastic. I like live music and to hear my favourite band playing was just the best. It was a belated 40th birthday present. Phil has to take the biscuit when it comes to energy. All the others had breaks, but he was non-stop. They had a good mixture of old and new and played everything I wanted apart from "Your own special way". I was 12 rows from the front, in front of a speaker stack. The stage was small, but close enough to see most of what was going on. After the first couple of songs I thought "don't just play for us, involve us", and Phil did. Crowd singing, sychronised waving, that sort of stuff. I saw Tony Robinson. He came in just before the VIPs filed in in front of me. He and the other VIPs didn't stand up, even though everyone else around was. I also thought I saw Philip Glenister, aka Gene Hunt in Life on Mars. I reckon it was 2 to 1 male to female, and most people 40+. tags: Ge

Shrek the third

We went to see this last Saturday. It was digital projection, which really does make a difference. You could tell when the BBFC classification came up. Usually its all dusty and fuzzy and shakes. It was pin sharp. So was the rest of the film. I've read reviews since which said it wasn't as good as the others. It kept me interested though. It was great to hear a Brit (Eric Idle) in it. Sometimes I'd get distracted with things like "they've rendered all the grass" as it waved in the breeze. I guess there's so much computing power these days they can really let themselves go with rendering detail.