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My one track mind - Heroes

Here's my pitch so I get booked for One Track Minds . Sometimes I think about the greatest artists of the various decades. So you've got Elvis for the 50s, The Beatles for the 60s, and for the 70s (and maybe the 80s) David Bowie. Then I think "but he's just a pop start who writes and sings great songs". Then I think "some songs aren't just great songs". There's no just about it, great songs are, well, so much more than just songs. This is where words fail me, so let's talk about Heroes. Some of you may know it as "the tunnel song". This comes from the film The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which was originally a book. I've read the book and it's different to the film; in ways which I annoyingly didn't write down. So I'll have to read and watch again, no great hardship. One of my children remarked when I said I liked the film, but it's a teenage film. I didn't have an answer then. I do now. I was a teenager onc