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Do you want to see what picture people first take with their new digital camera?
Robert: Two tangential comments relating to the UK, where with our National Health Service there are obviously some different issues as it is centralised: 1. I have a friend who is working in medical monitoring hardware and software. So you take your blood pressure at home with a gadget and then it dials in to the hospital. It is hard to get a monolithic organisation such as the NHS (biggest employer in Europe I believe) to adopt new concepts, let alone technology. 2. I have seen the attempts to impose national systems for, e.g. managing appointments. The trouble is every medical unit has its own quirks and ways of doing things and to develop an all encompassing system is a nightmare. I wonder if this is such a case when you have to make the users work with the system, for the sake of efficiency and consistency, rather than having a system that works with their current working practises. I think you've hit upon a rich vein of discussion in this particular vertical market.
There would be something fundamentally wrong with the web if the Wikipedia article on recursion didn't point to itself.