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Core business

The man in the red suit shuffled uncomfortably as I said the words "core business". "I'm not core business?" he exclaimed. "Yes," I said, "and we have to focus on our core business at the moment. Take Lego for example." "I do take a lot of Lego," he said. "No, that's not what I mean. The Lego company used to run Legoland. They made clothing and girls jewellery too. They discontinued those, they sold Legoland to the Madame Tussauds people. They decided to concentrate on their core business. Look at your suit, for example." "What of it?" he asked. "It's red. It used to be green." "Coca cola branding initially. Now everyone thinks it's normal. It's just a colour. Anyway, what is core then?" "A baby," I said. "For this occasion our core business is the baby." "Do you know my other names?" he asked. "Saint Nicholas. Saint as in sa

Someone drew a picture from my suggestion

On the blog of the company 37 signals an artist that they use, Sam Brown, asked for picture title suggestions . I said How about: “all I ever wanted…”. It’s a lyric that pops up from time to time in songs.  and he used it !