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Hey Robert why not see how IT helps minority languages.
What struck me about Linux today? So many different choices.
Sorting from the command line? Pick/Revelation got there first!
John Peel: someone older playing wierd music kept me young.
This entry comes from Germany, well, just because I can.
"...hard to explain how important this is." Creative Common search
This is so cool - a radio station just for me.
Win an iPod, no purchase necessary. Read the small print.
25 words? You can see I struggle to do ten!
How do you indicate on IM that you've been distracted?
I've got a Gmail account! Mail me at p a u l m o r r i s s a t g m a i l . c o m please!
The BBC as enclopedia. Enjoy! I've paid for it already.
XFM's the remix has a blog with playlists too. Cool.
Is allofmp3 illegal in the UK? I asked the BPI
I discovered Magnatune before Tim Bray. The electronica is sweet.
Embarking on a webservices project, I start a new blog.