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Egyptian italic fonts

 A couple of years ago I wrote about a record shop which had the Profil font on the front. Well, I wrote about music, but mentioned that record shop (Yates and Greenhough if I remember). I recently came across That mysterious font is festive  and discovered that it could have been one of a number of Egyptian italic fonts. What I didn't say about that font (because I was talking about music) was that I had a Letraset sheet of one of those fonts. There are people who can sing the praises of Letraset in better ways than me, perhaps you could point out an article you've come across? I don't remember just where I put those letters, but I do remember the excitement of being able to create your own professional quality typesetting on, say, an exercise book. Update: 28 May 2024. If you tag Ray Newman (who wrote that article about Festive) he'll help you identify which Egyptian italic font is which: Flattish O, little serif at the top of the A... Reckon that's Festive. — R