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My desert island disks

Someone asked on Facebook what our 8 desert island disks would be. I said these, in no particular order: 1. ELO - Wild West Hero 2. Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells side 1 3. elbow - Mirrorball 4. Travis - Sing 5. David Bowie - Heroes 6. Kate Bush - Cloudbusting 7. Genesis - Carpet Crawlers 8. Glen Campbell - Wichita Lineman Pink Floyd is a favourite band, but tracks are better listened to as part of an album

Quotes from Bedsit Disco Queen

I've recently finished the autobiographical Bedsit Disco Queen by Tracey Thorn, the female singer from Everything But The Girl. I find it hard to review an autobiography without reviewing someone's life. I'd recommend it as a good telling though of someone who you could have been at school with, who went to University with a record contract, became famous a couple of times, and then wrote it all down. Here are some of my favourite bits: Talking about what it was like around 1984: I'd grown up in an era of collective thinking, of 'movements'. I was full of political and moral certainties, and the wave of feminism that had taught me so much was a very uncompromising one. was a mindset that had seemed the norm if you were part of the 'alternative' culture. But that was all starting to change. For now, there was simply a sense that we were on our own, as were our contemporaries - individual bands in an age that revered the individual above all th