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Work Shop

The year is 1970. It is around the time when a man went into a shop to complain about a parrot, and when there was a Government Ministry of Silly Walks. "Hello there, I've come for some work." "Well you've come to the right place sir, this is a Work Shop." "What sort of work do you have?" "Well, sir, we have some light secretarial, some tedious paperwork, some spurious form filling, some skilled plumbing, a bit of carpentry, and some medium-grade filing." "The light secretarial sounds good. I think I'll have some of that. How much do you pay?" "Pay, sir? I don't understand." "How much do you pay for the work?" "I'm afraid you're mistaken sir, we don't pay you, you pay us. This is a Work Shop, you come in and you buy some work." "Why would I want to buy some work?" "Well, sir, in the future, when machines meet our every need people will be des