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Rant on incidental music on TV

Actually "rant" is probably a bit strong. I'm mildly annoyed by TV programmes that use a wide variety of small snippets of music throughout. I much prefer the music to be used over and over again as Grand Designs  and The Apprentice  do. Sometimes they use pieces they haven't before, but they very much fit into the pattern of the regular music. In particular, the music they play when the contestants are about to go into the boardroom must invoke a pavlovian response for regular viewers. I do appreciate that there must be people who spend a lot of time picking out the music for the programmes, but the two things in particular that annoy me are - I hear a good song, and I only get a bit of it - there's less of an identity to the programme, like a cheese and chocolate drop sandwich On a tangential note, the BBC have researched the fact that people often complain that the background music is too loud. Their conclusion  is "Reducing the music by just one poi

What blog post should I write next?

I have eleven blog posts in draft waiting to be written. Here are the titles, what should I finish off and publish? Steampunk, Tron, Spring Timeshifted life rant on incidental music on tv How can people stop being at the mercy of discussion board hosters? Tell me the major stuff about science Songwriters - the unsung hero Perfection in the digital world What if children applied Health and Safety to their play? New words for fans Welsh Holiday Sometimes computers are too quick. Really? Yes.