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Aaaaaargh! Originally uploaded by paulmorriss . Many more shots of people from the past where that one came from.
223884674_250342bb20_o Hosted on Zooom r

Houseleek on wall

Houseleek on wall Originally uploaded by paulmorriss . I've dug my old SLR (Olympus OM-2) out of the cupboard, stuck on some closeup lenses I was given, and gone round taking pictures. I went for extreme depth of field, probably a bit too much, but it was just easier as I didn't have to worry about slow shutter speeds. Some of the things I was taking (waving flowers, wasps) weren't going to hang around while I set up a tripod, so I had to be quick. This one's my favourite, I just love the colours, and I like those plants anyway. Click on it to see it bigger and see my other ones.