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Desert Island Disks II

A while ago I posted the titles of my Desert Island Disks . Here is my list of the tracks/albums that have a significance in my past. I'm not looking at that old post so I may have picked different things.  London Calling This isn't really my record, but my brother's. He was the first of us to buy a single, and he chose London Calling. What do you do when you've only got one single and it finishes? You put it on again and again. This is why it must really stick in my mind. I love the opening bass slide. I didn't really understand all the words, and I still don't even today. The ice age is coming, the sun's souvenir. Meltdown expected, the weekend is near. Wild West Hero When I was a child we had a stereogram - a record player in the middle of a cabinet with a large speaker at either side. It lived in what the estate agents would call a second reception room, which to me was the music room, as it also had our out of tune piano. As it wasn't used