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The day my son told me I'd failed him as a father

I know, so click-baity - right? But true. I got this text out of the blue one day: I braced myself for what came next. Here goes... Phew! I mean, I could have given him a list if he was struggling to think of some ways I'd failed. I had to respond though.  He replied: Hehe indeed. Since that day I've been thinking about how parents can not fail their children in similar ways. What are the essential albums that it would be good to force children to listen to? I didn't come up with many ideas. Then recently I came across this post by Jon Hicks, about Apple's 100 best albums . "According to Apple Music’s Ebro Darden , the criteria were albums that: represented a cultural moment for the artist or genre. were complete thoughts, not just collections of hit songs. thoroughly represent culture in production and lyrics. inspired a generation to want to create more music. represent the BEST in storytelling, musicianship, recording and production. are timeless and reached far