Genesis concert

I went to the Genesis concert at Twickenham last night and it was fantastic. I like live music and to hear my favourite band playing was just the best. It was a belated 40th birthday present. Phil has to take the biscuit when it comes to energy. All the others had breaks, but he was non-stop. They had a good mixture of old and new and played everything I wanted apart from "Your own special way". I was 12 rows from the front, in front of a speaker stack. The stage was small, but close enough to see most of what was going on.

After the first couple of songs I thought "don't just play for us, involve us", and Phil did. Crowd singing, sychronised waving, that sort of stuff.

I saw Tony Robinson. He came in just before the VIPs filed in in front of me. He and the other VIPs didn't stand up, even though everyone else around was. I also thought I saw Philip Glenister, aka Gene Hunt in Life on Mars. I reckon it was 2 to 1 male to female, and most people 40+.



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