20 years of blogging: First post

Back in 1999 it mostly cost money to run a blog (from what I can remember). You had to sort out your own hosting. Then Dave Winer made on offer on his blogging platform editthispage.com for a 60 day free trial, so I was away. So what was my very first post? What words did I choose to post for all on the internet to see?
 23 December 1999
I'm stil trying to decide what to do with this.
Click on the skull to add your suggestion.
Oh, that's not very good is it. A typo in the second word too. The URL was morrissfamily.editthispage.com. (I think. Everything I say could be unreliable, because it was a while ago.) I also created an FAQ page that day:

Who are the Morriss family?
We are just a normal family with a dad who likes exploring the internet.
Why don't you have more information?
Because I'm not sure want I want to do with this site.
I think there are no typos there. The idea was that I would share family news. Come back in January to see what my next post was.


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