20 years of blogging: Read Only

As of 23/12/1999 I will have been blogging for 20 years. I plan to do a retrospective on my first few blog posts starting on 23/12/2019, but before I was writing them I was reading blogs.

Here are the notable ones from those early days.


I used to read this at work while I was dialing up to download our work email because as it was about scripting, which is work, isn't it? I stopped reading it a few years ago, but Dave Winer is still going.

Through Dave I found...
And I have been reading him ever since. He writes engagingly about technology, boats, his electric car and toast. When I see that red diamond in my feedreader I will often read that first.
As her Twitter bio says, "Once famous on the internet". I first came across her website (probably called a webzine in those days) from a link on the Microsoft homepage( or maybe it was the Internet Explorer homepage). Even the internet archive doesn't have that site (kia.net/~maggy). I remember she had the C-beam quote from Bladerunner on her homepage. It would be another 20 years or so before I saw that film.

Lance Arthur/glassdog.com

It's still there, and has been since 14 April 1996. In those early days glassdog.com used DHTML, as we used to call it, to do amazing things with animation and interactivity. I don't remember anyone else trying to do anything like that.


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