This seems to be the year of reunions. One of the projects I worked on at Logica, before it because LogicaCMG, is going to have a reunion this year. Every year one of the ex-members sends out a newsletter as to what the members of the project are up to. There was a good atmosphere on the project, which must be why we want to keep in touch.

Through Friends Reunited I've been asked to take part in a school reunion.

And one of my dad's seconds cousins is trying to get together a load of people related to his great grandfather.

I'm not sure which I'll end up going to...


Anonymous said…
I don't think I could face a school reunion.

Some bodies are best left buried!
Paul Morriss said…
I think it would be really wierd. A few years ago one of my schoolmates told me about his website and the picture of him on it looked like nothing I remember.

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