"...and a little more!"

"...and a little more!"
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This is the "mayor making" ceremony. The outgoing mayor and all his officials are weighed and their weights compared to how much they weighed a year ago. The town crier shouts out their name and "and no more" or "and a little more" if they've put on weight. If they have it's because they've taken advantage of their office and they are booed.

My 11 year old son saw this ceremony and remarked the other day, "This fuss about the MPs expenses is the same thing isn't it?".

Very astute.


michael said…
Yes he is quite right> I wondered how long it would be before people started to ask questions about how much councilers expenses come too. Look how much your council tax is!!. Its £200 per year in Spain and bins emptied every day. Where is our money going? Thats good iv got it off my chest, thank you!!

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