Some thoughts on this competition to use BBC TV listings for something, feel free to develop them into a prototype, so long as I can have your old PC ;-)

What do I want to know?
What's on from 9 to 10 tonight?
When are the following programmes on:
Top Gear
When are programmes on which have photography in their synopsis?

Give me the information in the same format as my VCR:
day, start time, end time, channel

Give me an easy way to blog about a programme:
to put a unique id for the programme in my blog entry without searching hard to get it, e.g. "get me the id for last night's Casualty".
at the same time get me the link to the programme's website, if it exists

And of course, tag my blog entry so that other people can see the tags I've put on it, maybe from the programme's web page.


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