"The new Nissan Navara - it gets respect"
so the sponsor of Scrapheap Challenge on Channel 4 in the UK says.

"We want a Nissan Navara" say the boys. "Why?" I say. "Because it gets respect."

So I try to explain how you can't always believe adverts. It gets me thinking though. They aren't allowed to say some things though, such as "this breakfast cereal will make you thinner", yet they can say that getting a particular car will cause bin lorries to move out of the way for you, which clearly isn't going to happen.

So what lies are they allowed to tell? Things that are generally unprovable? Things that no sensible adult would believe, even though children might? What do you think?


Anonymous said…
Given a lift high enough to make ot stand out among others and installed with high tech features, the Nissan Navara can really get respect

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