40 today
One thing I found boring when I was younger was old people talking about what it was like to be old. So if you're young, don't read this.

So what's it like to be forty? Some people say they don't feel any different to when they were 20. That's not true of me, hopefully I've learned something in the past 20 years. I don't feel much different to yesterday. On the other hand though, people who are old enough to retire don't look that old.


Anonymous said…
Happy, a few days ago, birthday. I did not realise that was the case. I knew I shared my day with Calum. June is a busy month for you guys.
My theory is that at some stage you stop getting older: mine was 28. I still feel 28 and even imagine myself as 28 [a bit like the residue mental image of Matrix existence].

Unfortunately the biological aging still happens. These two ages, my now 38 and my 'still feel' 28, are attached by elastic. At some point soon I will realise that I am not 28 and am actually my real biological age. The elastic will win and I will come crashing into reality.

I think some call this mid-life crisis.

In the mean time I will look at the RSS button.
Paul Morriss said…
I can imagine a number of scenarios for realising your real age. For example, when you haven't even heard of the band when your daughters or son gets a new CD.

Or maybe when you're looking forward to getting Saga insurance.

Let's hope its a long way off!

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