I saw Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy recently. I thought it was really good. I'm sure it didn't quite follow the book, but as it was so long since I read the book I couldn't tell all of the bits that were new. Pure fans probably hate it, but I'd recommend it to half-hearted fans. It's quite quirky, so I wouldn't recommend it to people without a strange sense of humour.

I was very restrained and didn't recite all the famous lines as they came up, apart from at one point. The old TV Marvin makes a cameo appearance which was a nice touch.


Anonymous said…
I got the DVD for my birthday last year. The entire TV series played through in one night on TV here a while back, and of course I have the radio series on tape. Haven't got the books here figured I'd pick them up again at some point.
I think most of the places where the film deviates are where Douglas Adams came up with new ideas.

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