A couple of things amused me about the recent snow fall we had in the south of England. One was a family out for a walk on the Thursday morning. Trailing behind the mum and two teenage daughters was the dad with a mobile to his ear. "I'll get my guy to talk to your guy", he said. Have a break from work I thought, standing by the snowball that I'd just made that was so large I could hardly roll it.

The second was the people getting stuck at the end of our road. It slopes away a bit and if people back down the slope to turn then they can't come back up. I've done it myself. Fortunately there was a guy with a big 4x4 who was able to pull people out, with a bit of help from the grit bin and my spade. One of the cars that got stuck was a smaller 4x4. 4 wheel drive? 4 wheels spinning at once.


Anonymous said…
I would really liked to have seen a photo of that.
A group of us were walking back from the church in the village the day of the snow and we had to move to the side for a large 4x4 to pass by. One of us commented that this was about the only time of the year you could justify such a vehicle. I did point out that they could actually stay at home like the rest of us.
I am sure you have heard the term 'chelsea tractor' for such vehicles.
Like the snow photos BTW.
Hope you are all well.

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