Am I a proper biker?

When I started riding a motorbike I took the Compulsory Basic Training - a day of training which you have to do before you are allowed out on the road.

As we travelled to the car park where we do the training the trainer remarked "Have you heard that Joey Dunlop has died?". I hadn't heard of Joey Dunlop. If you haven't heard of him either, that's like not knowing who Ayrton Senna is.

I am a proper biker if I don't know that? I do ride a bike to work almost every day normally, unless there's snow on the ground. Some "proper" bikers don't do that, but only ride when the weather's nice. I don't go to bikers' gatherings, watch bike racing, buy bike magazines or any of the stuff like that.

I wonder if I come across a group of proper bikers if they'll want me to join their groups and only then will I be a proper biker?


Tim R said…
mate you are more of a biker than most! I have seen you wipe snow form you visor on teh way home .. not many bikers can claim to have done that!!
John Hamilton said…
But, Paul, you really ought to have known who Joey Dunlop was. I have preached in the church where his funeral service was held.

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