Amusing school closure notices

There is quite a variety in the notices that appear on the Bucks County Council website saying which schools are closed. As they are very transitory I thought I'd capture some for you.

"Enjoy the snow!" appeared seven times.

Some were very boring and studious:
All students should have access to MyMaths and SamLearning accounts and we recommend that they, Y11 in particular, make use of these today.

Some were studious but more lighthearted:
So stay at home – but don’t be a stranger, Study hard and check the VLE, There’s a lot to do, just go and see!

Some were just fun:
Another day of snow and disruption. Another day of snowmen, sledging and snowballing.

Or poetic:
School is closed again today, This snow just will not go away, It's really causing so much sorrow - Let's hope it will be sunny tomorrow!

I've consulted with the puppy from school; He loves the snow but is no fool! Temperature dropping: ice on the way, Alfie, the lab says, 'Open? No way!'

Or inventive:
Details of a snowman building competition at the Beeches can be found on the school website.


Paul Morriss said…
I got a spam comment in Chinese, but I thought I'd post the translation here, without the spam link:

Personal fortunes in the first is always the most profound, and sometimes even people's heart forever into the insulation.
ha, a blog of mine just got that, too

writer was a Nathan V 52111

My best friend in college hailed from Bucks County.

I think the spammer meant to say something about memories warming a heart
oops - - - erk - - no, she didn't - it was the one in Pennsylvania

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