What blog post should I write next?

I have eleven blog posts in draft waiting to be written. Here are the titles, what should I finish off and publish?

  • Steampunk, Tron, Spring
  • Timeshifted life
  • rant on incidental music on tv
  • How can people stop being at the mercy of discussion board hosters?
  • Tell me the major stuff about science
  • Songwriters - the unsung hero
  • Perfection in the digital world
  • What if children applied Health and Safety to their play?
  • New words for fans
  • Welsh Holiday
  • Sometimes computers are too quick. Really? Yes.


paulmerrill said…
I vote for:
rant on incidental music on tv
Perfection in the digital world
Paul Morriss said…
OK I've done the incidental music one. Thanks for the input!

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