Robin Hood - a legend I could get lost in

I have a post brewing in my head called "I don't love your thing, but I love that you love your thing", about SF/F and media fandom and how I stand on the edges watching what people do, which would end with an "except". This is the except.

I was reading a review of Sherwood by Meagan Spooner and I thought I'd get on and tell you about Robin Hood. In particular I loved Robin of Sherwood on ITV in the 1980s. Thirteen years ago I posted about how I was looking forward to the BBC's (then) new series of Robin Hood. Whilst that programme was really good, and something we all enjoyed as a family, Robin of Sherwood was better in my mind.

It had an atmospheric soundtrack by Clannad (so I bought the album). As well as the usual story of a good outlaw it also had elements of pagan spirituality as the character of Herne the Hunter helps out somehow (my memory of actual plotlines is pretty faint). On those olden days (the 1980s, not the middle ages) there was no way of holding onto TV - we didn't have a VCR to record it, or buy box sets (even if they were available) - so once I watched it, it was gone. While at University I happened go catch a repeat on TV and so I wanted to get more of the legend. I then read a couple of books about the origins of the myths, but that's not quite the same as diving deep into the story. So I didn't have the means to get lost into the legend, but I always felt I could. In researching this I found fanfiction at AO3. I think I've previously tried to find some, but I must have searched for Robin Hood rather than Robin of Sherwood, because I couldn't find any from that TV series. So, I wonder, should I dive into AO3, or should I keep what remains of my memories of the TV version?


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