Mercury Awards

So the nominations are out. I am pleased to see I Am Kloot in there. I first heard them on the Radio 2 evening show a few weeks ago. Northern Lights sounded like an old song from the 60s, but also quite fresh. I didn't remember the name of the band, but a mention of the fact that they were something to do with Elbow, maybe produced by Guy Garvey helped me track them down later. I never bother trying to track stuff down, so it must have been good.

Another comment to make is on the resurgence of folk. It puzzled me a few years ago when Joss Stone became famous singing blues I wondered if it was the music, or the artist that made her successful, as blues doesn't often feature in the charts. I wonder the same thing with Mumford and Sons.


Anonymous said…
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Paul Morriss said…
It depends what your site is like.

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