Terry Pratchett

When I told someone I liked Terry Pratchett they said that they didn't like funny stories. That made me think. Although his books are sprinkled with humour, they aren't silly. He writes about a very well thought through and consistent universe, which happens to be a bit like ours and also a bit different. He writes about deep things, and has great plots. Yes, they are funny, but to call them funny is missing the point a bit.

Here's my review of his book Wintersmith.
This is supposed to be a children's book. I suppose his non children's books are supposed to be for adults. However I see no reason why discerning readers of all ages wouldn't love any of this books.
This one is about a teenager, which is probably why it's classified as a children's book. As always, I am amazed by his inventiveness and treatment of deep things. In this case it is about witches and how the seasons work and what happens when the two get tangled up. It has its funny moments, but it is much more than just a funny book.


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