Getting quotes for a new boiler

We recently had a new boiler installed. I got a quote from British Gas, because they put a leaflet through our door every so often with an offer on it. I then did some "research" and came up near the top of the search listings for "boiler replacement". Their advice was to go for a local firm.

"But how do I choose one?", I thought. A while later I came across an advert on some other website for boilerguide's "get you a quote" service. That's fortunate for them, because I didn't realise they offered it when I searched before. They tried to get me three quotes, but could only do two. One company didn't call me, but another did, a local man.

I also tried eon and nPower. The eon website was very unhelpful. It had a little chart saying what the steps were for getting a quote. The first step was "fill in the form at the bottom of this page". However there was no form at the bottom and you had in fact to fill in a form at the right. I did that and they said they'd ring me back within three days. They never did. Epic fail.

nPower and British Gas both let you choose a time for the visit for someone to quote - very good.

In the end I went for the local company: NBBEnergy which was £1000 cheaper than the highest quote from one of the other two. I'm very happy with the job that was done.
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