Music and critics

Is there a song that you could listen to over and over again for the rest of your life without getting fed up of it? Is there a song where you think, "I want to live in this song. I want the intro to be my porch. I want to walk on the bass, to sit on the synth line and watch the melody. I want to sleep on the repeat to fade until it all starts again."

This quote from Laura Potter has captured a nagging feeling I've had for a while:
A significant amount of time and money are spent exploring ways to increase our emotional ‘attachment’ to products, yet we become attached to what objects signify, or to whom they refer, not directly or materially to what they are. I’m not convinced there is any point trying to actively design attachment into things, because the conditions under which objects become personally significant are highly subjective: either contextually dependent or serendipitously evolved.
I'm taking it out of context, and it goes on to talk about making things. However I think it captures the way I feel about creative work, and music in particular. I don't like reading reviews of things I've heard, seen or read, as by the time I've finished them I have an attachment and I don't want anyone to spoil that.


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